14 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

14 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill [Fast & Easy]

Lower Your Cell Phone Bill – One of the best ways to save money is to cut your cell phone bill. An average family of four could see their cell phone bill run as high as $200 a month, including data and texting packages. The cost can grow bigger and bigger and are fast out of your eyes.

Today I have some special tricks and tips how you can decrease your monthly cell phone bill.

1. Check your minutes limit: going over your minutes can cause huge charges from going over your minutes limit. To avoid this, you should really consider finding ways to cut your talk time or at the end changing your cell phone plans or contract. If you want monitor your cell phone usuage you can use the service tool OverMyMinutes. This is a free tool that messages you a text message or email you a alert message when you nearly to reach your go over limit.

2. Important is to use a prepaid cell service company. That kinf of cell phone service are becoming more and more popular as the service price continue to drop. The new thing, and that keep your cell phone expenses under your control – You pay upfront for a certain amount of minutes with no longer or special contract to sign. All the bigger cell phone carriers offer prepaid cell phone contracts now for their clients. You can also find great deals on prepaid phones from TracFone Prepaid Wireless Airtime and Cricket. Unlimited services you can find at Cricket for one low price. The only drawback is roaming. If you do not travel outside your calling area very much, then this is the service for you.

3. Don´t forget your insurance: To find again several extra hundred dollars for a new phone if you break you old one is really no fun, but do you really need to insure a $200 to $500 item – that insurance is a costly Plus – thats really not needed! It can quickly grow up all your insurancde fees, even at the single cost of only $9 per cell phone and month, the insurance fees can quickly add up. A special Insurance Policy should be for the big things in life we can’t afford to replace such as Health and life.

4. Company discounts for Employee: Some big companies like AT&T Wireless offer discounts to their employees. Also qualify for discounts, some state and city employees. So do a fast check with your phone carrier to see what discounts are available to you.

5. Ringtones are another waste of money. Most of the Teens and Children tend to change their ringtones very often, and so add lots of cost for you. Save yourself lots of money and use a default ring tone that came with your phone. If you really greasy about having your own and custom ringtone, build on with apples garageband app. Today the most phones have the capability of recording sound. Simply play your favorite music and record that with your own phone, then save this recording as your ringtone on your cell phone.

6. Unlimited plans: An unlimited plan (whether for phone or texting) relieves you of the burden of worrying about your minutes, but many people don’t take full advantage of these costly programs. Do a check if you can get by with a less expensive plan, look for this at your cell phone usage.

7. Texting: This days, all teens have cell phones with texting, not to mention Smartphones with email and Facebook. Go with an unlimited plan or save lots of money when you control how much they text. The higher cost of the unlimited plan by the first sight will obviously cost you more, but this is a much better deal than paying monthly such high fees for breaking the texting limits.

8. Please avoid calling Directory Assistance Services. At around $3.00 and more per call, its really unnecessary and very expensive. Instead, try the free ones: 800-FREE-411, 800-411-METRO or 800-GOOG-411

9. You want track time? You can use for that Firefox plug-ins. All the big player and major cell phone carriers have that Firefox plug-ins to help you to track fast and easy your minutes. So you have it always under control to get not again over your limit.

10. Get the extra Cut: When you add a new line your price goes down, so save a big by combining your cell phone plans, so you can make an extra cut.

11. Do not delete your cell phone contract before this contract ends: When you cancel your cell phone contract, you can get hit with some exorbitant extra fees. But you have luck – there are a couple of special websites that can save you a bundle if you need to get out of a cell phone contract.Fundamentally help this websites if you want get out of a contract – they bring together folks who want get rid of a contract and others that search so this one. If you want a good deal and find fast a contract, check out Celltradeusa or Cellswapper if you want to help out somebody in a bind.

12. Buy it at the web: Nearly all cell phone carriers offer big discounts when you buy your cell phones and contracts online.

13. Re-negotiate: When an existing contract expires, always renegotiate for a better deal. The prices of cell phone contracts tend to go down over time for the same service.Don´t forget to look at actual deals when your cell phone contract is up.

14. Fast cell phone bill reduction: For just $5, you can upload your cell phone bill at Validas and get offered if you could saving extra money with your cell phone contract.The good point at this web service is: You can see how much you’ll save before you must buy the full service report. Reported from the Validas website, the average savings can be high as $420 per phone and year!

Applying this information to your daily cell phone usage can save you a bundle. Happy comparison shopping!